Office Space Variety at McNab Executive Plaza

There are several office work environments to choose from at McNab

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McNab Executive Plaza rents a variety of office solutions for all your office needs.

Whether a business is in need of a mailing address, looking for a small “instant office” with a complete support environment for one or two people, or larger traditional office space in a flexible environment - McNab Executive Plaza has the office for you.

Our Executive Offices are a cost effective "instant office" - great for business start-up.

By locating a small business or branch operation in our Executive Offices at McNab Executive Plaza, you are provided a cost effective office rental, fully furnished and decorated, ready for daily business – perfect for starting small business or setting up a satellite office in a new market. This economical environment eliminates the cost of traditional office set up, saving time and substantially reducing the up-front capital outlay of a business move.

If your needs dictate a larger more traditional office environment we have office suites that start at 400 square feet and range up in size to 4,000 square feet.

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sattelite image of McNab Executive Plaza location

The site layout was carefully planned by the developer, situated on a waterway in an area that achieves optimum building views, exposure to I-95, centrally located in Broward County, with abundant parking and convenient to major traffic corridors. McNab Executive Plaza puts you in a prime location with easy access to I-95 and Cypress Creek Road interchange.